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There are currently two Belas: the old Bela that runs on its own blockchain and the new Bela that is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum platform. The Live Bela community and Belacam are abandoning the old chain for the new ERC20 Bela. To follow along, you'll need to swap out your old Bela for new ERC20 Bela. You will turn in your old Bela to receive new ERC20 Bela at a 1:1 ratio: sending in 5,000 old Bela will get you 5,000 new Bela. After the coin swap, you will be unable to send ERC20 Bela to old Bela addresses and wallets. We are reaching out to exchanges and other Bela services to get them to swap over. Until they do so, you will not be able to send ERC20 Bela to their sites. Read the full terms here

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Legacy Bela Deposit Address: B9trEBCqU5ALbMWhzWuoGghNud6mxtwGPE

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Welcome to the Bela ERC20 Swap

Recently, it became clear that the Phoenix hard fork was neither advantageous for our team’s goals for Bela nor the goals of the tightly-knit Bela and Belacam community. Therefore, we have fully written and deployed a token contract creating the new ERC20 version of Bela.

Working, healthy, secure

Legacy Bela’s blockchain was plagued by orphaned blocks thanks to old infrastructure and predatory miners. ERC20 Bela transactions are free from problems like this.


Legacy Bela was very hard to add to exchanges. ERC20 Bela is not. This token is instantly compatible with a wide variety of hardware wallets, exchanges, and other 3rd party services.

Important New Features

Rather than waiting and slowly implementing desired upgrades to Bela’s chain, we are cutting straight to the chase. Massive upgrades, such as Proof-of-Stake (POS) for Bela minting, are enabled on this token.

Application Compatibility

With this change, Bela becomes the perfect token for use in the Belacam platform and other future projects. It also paves the way to transform Belacam to a fully decentralized app, if we choose that route.

Challenge:Fully upgrade Bela chain to modernity, maintaining honest coin distribution (no ICO)

Over the last six months, we have worked on the best solution to reach our goals for a more modern Bela. Since last summer, it was clear that Bela’s outdated blockchain could not provide a powerful infrastructure for Live Bela LLC and a backbone for Belacam. We needed to update Bela’s underlying chain to make it more compatible with 3rd party services and truly competitive in the 2018 crypto space. With Belacam Gamma nearing full-launch readiness, Bela has direly needed get to a technical level that enables its user-friendly identity to flourish.

Solution:Legacy Bela to ERC20 BELA Token Swap

Think of Bela’s story as the exact opposite of most ERC20 tokens in existence. Instead of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) where a team raises money to (maybe) build an application, Bela has been fairly distributed through Proof-of-Work (POW) mining over the last 4 years. We released our minimum viable product of Belacam without fundraising, and we are now ready to fully activate the Belacam platform with a powerful ERC20. No ICOs or non-working products: just an ERC20 with a real proven use. In this respect, Bela is a breath of fresh air to the ERC20 ecosystem. It will be a token not for selling in a token sale, but for using.

Email and website

We know that the coinswap can be confusing, especially if this is your first one. If you are unsure about any step or have any questions related to Bela please send us an email. We'll be processing responses daily.


Legacy Bela Sites

These sites list Legacy Bela but do not yet support the new ERC20 Bela. You are not currently able to use ERC20 Bela on these sites.

ERC20 Bela Sites

Here are the sites and exchanges that support the new ERC20 Bela.